QLD Poker Machine Tender #47 (Pubs) - Tender Open
Poker Machine Tender #47 (Pubs) Tender Open

By Steve Gagel, Director of Business Services and Taxation

The Qld Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has opened the tender for the latest round of gaming authorities (last tender and value in brackets), being:

  • 12 South East ($178,603 - tender #46)
  • 10 Coastal ($105,002 - tender #46)
  • Nil Western ($17,061 - tender #45)

Pub authorities

Restricted supply to the South East Region, after a year of reduced supply. I was surprised by the result in tender #46 and was expecting a sharp increase in price however, pricing was on the soft side. Expecting long term prices to increase with a number of greenfield sites currently under construction or in the planning (without new authorities being released by the Qld Government).

Coastal Region supply also reduces from the last tender with one buyer focused on getting machines. Expecting prices to be steady and soften once the buyer in the last two tenders achieves his position.

Western Region again with no supply of authorities.

Club authorities

Still no movement or mention from the Queensland Government and uncertainty continues to impact on investment decisions in both pub and club sectors in relation to the sourcing of authorities from the current caps (expected to come from the Club sector). Will be interesting to see how the market reacts when this position is finally released.

If you intend to bid in the Pub Tender, please ensure you have lodged your completed form (along with the lodgement fee of $68) in the tender box (facsimile, post or email not acceptable) with the Public Trust Office, Ground Floor, 444 Queen Street, Brisbane prior to 4pm Wednesday 24 March 2021.

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